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The hypervisor architecture of VMware vSphere plays a critical role in the management of the virtual infrastructure. The introduction of the bare-metal ESX architecture in 2001 significantly enhanced performance and reliability, which in turn allowed customers to extend the benefits of virtualization to their mission-critical applications. Once again, the introduction of the ESXi architecture represents a similar leap forward in reliability and virtualization management. Less than 5% of the size of ESX, VMware ESXi runs independently of an operating system and improves hypervisor management in the areas of security, deployment and configuration, and ongoing administration.

Improve Reliability and Security. The older architecture of VMware ESX relies on a Linux-based console operating system (OS) for serviceability and agent-based partner integration. In the new, operating-system independent ESXi architecture, the approximately 2 GB console OS has been removed and the necessary management functionality has been implemented directly in the core kernel. Eliminating the console OS drastically reduces the codebase size of ESXi to approximately 100 MB improving security and reliability by removing the security vulnerabilities associated with a general purpose operating system.

Streamline Deployment and Configuration. ESXi has far fewer configuration items than ESX, greatly simplifying deployment and configuration and making it easier to maintain consistency.

Reduce Management Overhead. The API-based partner integration model of ESXi eliminates the need to install and manage third party management agents. You can automate routine tasks by leveraging remote command line scripting environments such as vCLI or PowerCLI.

Simplify Hypervisor Patching and Updating. Due to its smaller size and fewer components, ESXi requires far fewer patches than ESX, shortening service windows and reducing security vulnerabilities. Over its lifetime, ESXi 3.5 required approximately 10 times fewer patches than ESX 3.5.


Posted 06/03/2012 by Petri in VMware

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